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Check out these chakra chuckles! Jonah Goldberg zings Al Gore’s ‘NSFW’ pics

Check out these chakra chuckles! Jonah Goldberg zings Al Gore’s ‘NSFW’ pics

Hilarious. By NSFW we, of course, mean not safe for waking. Need a sleep aid? Check these out:

ZZzzzzz … oh, sorry! Dozed off there for a moment.

Something else is going to start “going strong,” we suspect: Mockery!

And so it begins:



Keep it coming, Twitter.

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I Caught This Catfish Today [ The Picture I Mean]

I Wish I Had Really Caught This Today

This catfish made a great supper
This catfish made a great supper

this is my link

Third World Success Kid

Third World Success Kid

Third World Success Kid

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Evil Toddler

Evil Toddler

Evil Toddler

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Obama stimulus: Gun buyers nationwide report long lines, empty shelves

The scene above is a phenomenon sweeping across the heartland. The White House is finally responsible for a stimulus that works.  The nationwide gun-buying frenzy? Gun buyers say President Obama built that:

OMG, went out today to look at buying a rifle for Christmas.Every gun store in North Idaho was packed!Guess they watched O’s press conf.

— Janet Adams (@JABfor24) December 19, 2012

Obama is the greatest gun dealer there ever has been…everyone is buying up all the assault rifles in every store around here…#ProGun

— BibleBeltBlackSheep (@rgonzales48) December 19, 2012

Just saw a line to get in a gun store! Congrats #Obama for stimulating the economy #tcot #DNC #tlot #p2 #teaparty twitter.com/AverageJoe1776…

— Average Joe (@AverageJoe1776) December 19, 2012

#Obama 2012 gun industry Man of the Year. Gun store inventories havesold out in 3 days. When will they learn its them we fear. #foxnews

— The Horny Monk (@TheHornyMonk) December 19, 2012

just spoke with a gun store owner in CT: “It’s a pretty well known fact that Obama is the best gun salesman we’ve ever had”

— Versha Sharma (@versharma) December 18, 2012

Never thought id find myself waiting outside a gun store for them to open black friday style. Hahaha whatever thanks @barackobama

— FofoMcflowjoe (@Mini_Fofo) December 19, 2012

The shelves are emptying fast:

One of the display shelves at my stepdad’s gun store.. And the camo one was sold right after I took this. twitter.com/allison_davis5…

— Allison Davis (@allison_davis5) December 18, 2012

I just left my local gun store this is what’s left now… instagr.am/p/TcJh3VDqeR/

— Dmitri (@TheFPShow) December 20, 2012

Our son went looking for a gun today. Virtually every single store is empty as the Hostess Twinke shelves. Bullets? Shelves are bare as….

— Barbie Lee (@UF2) December 20, 2012

After waiting 2hrs at the #gun #store I was able to buy the last 4 they had! #ar15 #red #white and #blue#2 instagr.am/p/Tcsb5cimsk/

— Ankur (@AnkurMusic) December 20, 2012

Ray’s gun store in Dallas. AR section. Officially sold out. We bought the last S&W .223. instagr.am/p/TbhXgJLaGN/

— Will Bush (@wbbush) December 19, 2012

The lines are long and out the door:

Friend reports long lines at local Miami gun store. There were 30 people ahead of him in line. $RGR $SWHC twitter.com/aacostavmgfl/s…

— Angel Acosta (@aacostavmgfl) December 17, 2012

Waiting in line to get into a #gun #store only in #Texas #love this state #overcapac @ Independence Firearms instagr.am/p/TbfB3nTTWC/

— Richard Crouch (@RichardCrouch13) December 19, 2012

Parking lots are overflowing:

Hoffmann gun store on the pike is so packed #staystrapped #bangbang

This isn't going to end well...

This isn’t going to end well…

This isn't going to end well...

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Report: One dead after explosion at Indiana fertilizer plant [photos]

Report: One dead after explosion at Indiana fertilizer plant [photos]

There is no danger to the area, according to authorities on the scene:


Unconfirmed early reports said that in addition to the one fatality, there were people missing, but now it looks as if all others have been accounted for:

The AP reports that two other people are being checked for injuries.

Twitchy will monitor this situation and bring you updates as the story develops.


Huge fertilizer plant explosion rocks West, Texas [photos]; Updates

Five reported injured in another Louisiana chemical plant explosion; Update: One dead

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My wife got a sun burn and I couldn't help myself

My wife got a sun burn and I couldn’t help myself

My wife got a sun burn and I couldn't help myself

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